Brand The Comic Book Shoppe, a local business that owns two comic book stores and one anime store in Ottawa. They also attend local comic book and anime conventions in Ontario and Quebec to sell merchandise and attract new business.

Mobile Marketing Strategy – Comic Book Shoppe

Social media, aside from providing corporation a venue to promote new products and services and create positive relationships with customers, also provides more advertising for their social good practices, which contribute to the development of corporations identity and positive feelings towards a corporation. Indigo Books & Music Inc.’sĀ Love of Reading […]

Social Good Practices – Love of Reading Foundation

Mobile strategies are an increasingly important part of business for any organization. Mobile devices can be used to view advertisements, engage with a company’s site or make actual purchases. The food industry is a forerunner in successful mobile engagement as can be seen in the cases of three organizations: McDonald’s; […]

Mobile Strategies and the Food Service Industry

Social Media is currently altering how businesses communicate with their customers and how they relate to the press. Before, businesses were generally far removed from addressing customers or letting customers share feedback with each other. Social media have made it easier to for businesses to interact directly with customers. This […]

Social Media and the Communications Industry

Creating an engaging social media campaign across multiple social media platforms or accounts can be difficult for many companies. Do you try to promote different aspects of the brand to different audiences on different platforms, or do you promote a cohesive image and identity for the brand across platforms? Or […]

Creating an Engaging Social Media Strategy Across Platforms- Case Study: ...

Figuring out which social media platforms to feature your paid marketing campaigns can be difficult. Which platform is the best for reaching your potential audience and also has the best value for money? This is anĀ evaluation of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter’s cost for paid advertising and returns on investment.

Budgeting a Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign