Mobile Best Practices

mobile best practices

There are many things, mobile managers should keep in mind when developing their mobile strategy. Here are a three of them.

  1. In Mobile, user experience is king.

User experience is the most important thing to consider when designing either a mobile application or a mobile website. If a user cannot get to the content they want within three mobile actions they will give up on the site or application. A site and app needs to be neatly laid out and responsive to a variety devices to maximize its usability for other users.

UX designers also need to put into consideration the specific needs of the user using a mobile device. A hurried business person whose trying to access a news story on an issue related to their industry on the way to work, will have a different experience compared to an elderly tourist trying to access a weather application. Thus when designing a mobile solution, mobile managers must take into consideration the needs of their ideal users.

  1. Know when to build an app, and when not to

Unless you have a reason to build an application it’s a good idea not to.

Well-coded native applications have a high level of polish compared to web application, but web application can have a broader reach that’s not directed at just one platform. Hybrid applications are a good way to fill the gap by providing a web-based app in a native shell, which will allow the app to take advantage of device functionality currently not supported by the web (like the camera).

Research has found that users use certain mobile devices are certain points of the day. People generally keep their phone close to the bed and it’s generally the first thing they look at in the morning. People often read email when they wake up so it’s a good time to email them promotions, coupons or information. Meanwhile, people are more likely to use tablets in the evening or at night in bed to read the news or use media content.

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