Research Strategy – Study Date


1. The type of research should be done.

The target audience of this application would be first year post secondary students, particularly those who might have had a difficult first semester and who want to get back on track. A secondary target demographic would be students in their final year of their first post-secondary program, who might want to improve their grades before they graduate for future academic opportunities or careers, or for students who are working part or full time during their studies who need a way to manage all their study time. For this, I propose that surveys should be done on first and final year post-secondary programs before their first term, at the end of the first term and at the end of semester on their study habits, what prevents them from study and what habits they would like to adapt..There should be survey takers form cover college, university and trade and apprenticeship programs to cover a wde arrange of needs.

Additionally,the survey should ask about what type of productivity applications, students already use. This way the developers might have a better sense of what students like or dislike about existing productivity applications and what to incorporate in their design to ensure maximum good user experience.

Finally the survey should cover what social media the demogrpahics currently use to better advertise the application.What information might the research will uncover?

2. What information you believe the research will uncover?

The research will develop a better idea of what students need from productivity applications and what makes them user friendly or user unfriendly.

3. How the results might affect your app and/or design?

Survey subjects might indicate that certain productivity features are better for them than others. For example, survey results might indicate that alarms are a good feature to motivate use of a phone application, or it might reveal the opposite. Similarly a reward incentive might be less popular, than a handy calendar feature.

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