Experience Strategy – Study Date


StudyDate has three major objectives:

1. To help you feel organized from anywhere.

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started writing that major term paper for English literature or studying for a statistics mid-term is not having measurable goals. StudyDate, helps you break larger assignments into more measurable daily, weekly or monthly tasks. This makes the work ahead seems more manageable.

2. To help you develop a motivation system.

We get it. Sometimes when you’re finally ready to start studying your friends want to go out to dinner and a movie or your favourite reality show comes on. Makes studying feel that much more miserable. However, StudyDate can offer some relief with our Reward goals section. You can set up certain rewards (for instance: sleeping in on weekend mornings or playing video games for two or three hours) with certain point values assigned to them. For every task you complete you get a certain amount of points. Once you win enough points you can exchane points for rewards. This an excellent motivation to do more work and win more fun rewards.

3. To help you connect with other frustrated.

Sometimes studying can be lonely. Especially if it feels like you’re the only one who cares about their grade point average. That’s why StudyDate allows you to meet and connect with other students your school or other schools. You can user our chat feature and forums to discuss study tips, to work on problems or quiz each other. It might even lead to real study dates!

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