App Concept – Study Date


App Name: Study Date

Problem: College and University students often have difficulty adjusting to the demands of post-secondary programs. In addition, to heavy course schedules, most post-secondary students now work part or full-time throughout the year thus cutting into valuable studying time. Many students end up procrastinating until the last moment and try to cram in as much as possible.

Solution: An app that acts which creates productivity to-do-lists, to help students better develop and stick to their study plans. This solution is based on Habitrpg ( or FitnessAdventure (, only with studying as the theme specifically and no storyline feature.

Features: This app would be allow students to set several daily tasks they needed to get done that day, as well as set other tasks to help them develop positive study habits (10 pages of reading a day per class, practice 5 math problems, etc.,). The app is also attached to a student’s online school account to prevent cheating. Therefore it confirms that students uploaded their assignments to the course website. The application could also reward students based on improved grades over time.he app would tally points that students earned for completing these tasks which they could exchange for rewards later on, in corporation with the school (such as money off on course textbooks or software, free food items, reduced schoolwork for improved performance). The app would be lists students could scroll up and down.

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