App Animation and Wireframes – Study Date


This is an app animation of my app concept StudyDate. StudyDate is an app that allows students to better manage school related tasks. It includes social aspects such as “Study Buddies” and messaging. It would be directly connected to a student’s school email and course management and give student’s real life rewards.

Here’s a more detailled look of each of the wireframes (based off iPhone 5 specifications):


This is the launch screen, the first thing that viewers will see when they launch the app.


Once the app fully opens, users see the Home page, which includes a short summary of the users information, including number of reward points, number of “Study Buddies” (i.e. social connections in their network) and the amount of tasks they have to do that day, week or month.


Users can move between views by pressing the buttons along the bottom of the screen. The tasks button is the heart symbol. The tasks tab also includes buttons to daily, weekly and monthly tasks. The tasks button opens on daily tasks by default. To indicate a task is done click on the circle button on red or yellow tasks. Green tasks are done tasks. To add a new tasks press the heart symbol and type in the task.


Example of a weekly view.


Rewards are under the ticket button. To select a reward press the ticket button. Reward costs are set by the professors and the institution.


Study Buddies are the last button. Scroll to see classmates points and message each other.


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